Student Absences & Tardies
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Thursday, August 01, 2013
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7 AM         Building Opens (Car Riders can arrive at 7 AM)

7:30 AM    Students are released from the gym to their classroom

7:40 AM    Class Begins

Lincoln County Attendance Policy is Policy 6.200


Board Support Given 6-29-10


Once car riders are in the dismissal area, we begin loading cars at 2:50 and the buses start loading around 3:05. Morning tardies are given for arrivals after 7:40 but during inclement weather (snow, ice, flooding) or if a wreck has occurred that has backed up traffic in the community, we err on the side of caution and work with parents to avoid tardies.

 Principals may accept three (3) parent notes per semester and allow those absences to be excused based solely on those parent’s notes.  After a parent has used those three (3) notes, then all other absences will require a doctor’s note, a note from the court, or other school approved activity note.  ALL notes must be turned in to the principal within two (2) days of returning to school.  In case of a death in the family or other extenuating circumstances, administrative judgment must be used.

 Personal transportation difficulties or travel for recreation will not be considered excused absences.  If planning a trip which will be of educational value to the child, the parent must see the principal before the trip is taken and must receive prior approval. For travel absences to be excused, the parent must get pre-approval from the principal.  No trips will be approved during any state testing dates.

 All schools - When a student accumulates five (5) unexcused absences (per year, not semester), the computer will generate a letter to the child’s parents.  At this point, the principal will refer the student to the Truancy Board.  All children with 5 unexcused absences will be referred to this Board.  A letter from the child's school will be mailed to each parent for each unexcused absence to make them aware of the absence and the school board policy.

 K-9 schools – When the student accumulates 10 unexcused tardies (late arrivals or early dismissals) per year he/she will be referred to the Truancy Board.  After 5 unexcused tardies, a letter will be sent home affirming this policy.  These records are kept by year and not by semester.

  Lincoln County High School – When the student accumulates five(5) unexcused late arrivals during the first semester or five (5) unexcused late arrivals during the second semester, he/she will be referred to Truancy Board.  When the student accumulates a total of five (5) unexcused early dismissals any time through out the year, he/she will be referred to Truancy Board.

 After Truancy Board, if the student has additional unexcused time out of school he/she will be referred to Juvenile Court for truancy.  Truancy Board is a one time opportunity for parents and students.  Once summoned to Truancy Board, further attendance problems will warrant Truancy Court.

  TARDY is defined as “late arrivals and early dismissals”.

 LATE TO SCHOOL is defined as: 

K-8 Schools – Student must be in the school building before the bell rings to begin the school day. 

9-12 Schools – Student must be in assigned seat when the bell rings to begin the school day.

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