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Tuesday, May 31, 2016
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Lists for 2016-2017

Kindergarten Supply List 2016-2017

Required Items

·        Scissors (Fiskars brand)

·        5 boxes Crayola Crayons (24 count)

·        3 Plastic Folders (2 pockets)

·        6 Large Elmer’s Glue sticks

·        2 large pink erasers

·        1 pack broad tip washable markers

·        1 pack pencils (sharpened)

·        Plastic Pencil Box

·        Boxes of Tissues

·        Clorox Wipes

·        Hand Sanitizer

·        Towel for napping

·        Small pillow for napping (baby bed size)

·        Ziplock Bags (Girls bring gallon size and Boys bring quart size)

·        Backpack (no rolling allowed)

·        Complete change of clothes (long pants, short sleeve shirt, socks, and 2 pairs of underwear)


Optional Items

·        Construction Paper

·        Copy Paper (white or colored)

·        Cheap “paper” plates

·        White lunch sacks

·        Inexpensive Craft Paint


 All supplies should be labeled with the child’s name.


First Grade Supply List 2016-2017

4 Plastic pocket folders (folders with bottom pockets; not side pockets)

1 pack of 3x5 index cards (any color)

4 composition notebooks

Gallon size Ziploc bags (girls)

Quart size Ziploc bags (boys)

Small backpack (small, lightweight – no rolling backpacks)

60 pencils

3 boxes of Kleenex

Two large Pink Pearl erasers

One package Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

8 Elmer’s Glue Sticks (Jumbo Size)

Four packs of Crayola crayons (24 count)

4 Black Dry Erase Markers

Hand Sanitizer


Wish List

Construction Paper

White Copy Paper

Colored Copy Paper


 Second Grade 2016-2017 

We are happy to welcome each one of you to the second grade.  We are looking forward to working with your children.  Below is a list of the necessary supplies: 

·         2 packs of #2 pencils

·         2 Composition books-(no wire)

·         3 Composition books-(wide ruled, with wire) or wide ruled loose leaf paper

·         4 glue sticks

·         Oblong eraser

·         Fiskar’s student scissors

·         Crayola Crayons (regular or twistables) or Colored Pencils

·         4 pocket folders (with pockets at bottom and holes so they can be put in the notebook)


·         Optional items:  3 boxes of Kleenex, Clorox wipes, and hand sanitizer

·         Because of limited space, pencil boxes and other extra items are not needed.

·         A lightweight backpack will also be needed.  Students are discouraged from bringing backpacks on wheels.  They are not necessary and cause a storage problem in the classroom.


3rd Grade Supply List2016-2017


·        1-   2 inch 3-ring binder with a clear pocket front

·        2-   Packages of wide-ruled paper

·        5-   Folders with holes (bottom pockets only/no prongs please)

·        6-   Jumbo Elmer’s  glue sticks

·        40- Plain #2 pencils

·        4-   Highlighters

·        2-   4-Packs of dry erase markers

·        2-   Large packages of cap erasers

·        1-   Box of Crayola crayons (24 count)

·        1-   Small plastic supply box

·        1-   Pair of Fiskar scissors

·        3-   One subject spiral notebooks (wide-rule)

Wish List Items

·        Crayola colored pencils

·        Waterless hand sanitizer

·        3- boxes of tissues

·        1- roll of paper towels

·        Ziploc bags (any size)

·        Clorox disinfecting wipes

·        Lead pencils

***Supplies will need to be replenished occasionally throughout the year.


South Lincoln Fourth Grade Supply List 2016-2017


3 packs of 150 sheets of wide ruled paper

2 boxes of 24 Pencils (standard or mechanical)

3- 1 inch three-ring binders with pockets

1       one subject spiral notebook (wide rule)

1 composition book (wide rule)

1 pocket folder


1 box of colored pencils

1 box of crayons

6 Expo markers (black)

1 highlighter

1 pack of hole reinforcements

Basic calculator (can be from the dollar store)

2 boxes of Kleenex

4 glue sticks


Optional Supplies

These items are not required but would be much appreciated!

Individually wrapped candy

Paper towels

Hand sanitizer

Disinfectant wipes


Please remember to check your child’s school supplies periodically throughout the year to replenish what has been used up.



Fifth Grade Supply List 2016-1017 

Trapper Keeper or a Three-Ring Binder

(If you purchase the three-ring binder, please buy a pencil pouch with zipper to go in it.)

3 five subject spiral notebooks (Math/English/Science) (Mead 5 Star Brand)

6 Broad point dry erase markers (Black Expo Only)

1 package 50 count sheet protectors (Social Studies)

Calculator - Texas Instrument   TI-3OX IIS

Loose leaf paper (wide rule - 4 packs)

Twistable Crayons (12 count)

Glue sticks (4)


Markers (8 count)

Box of pencils

2 inch three ring binder (Social Studies)

1 Composition book (Social Studies)

Hand sanitizer

2 boxes of tissue

Clorox wipes


Please put names on all supplies before school starts.



6th Grade Supply List

2016 – 2017 

·         (1) Trapper Keeper or 1.5” 3-ring Binder

·         (1) pocket folder with holes (no prongs – will be placed in Trapper Keeper or Binder to help keep up with lose leaf papers)

·         (3) STURDY 3 subject Spiral Notebooks (ELA, Science, & Social Studies)

·         (1) STURDY 5 subject Spiral Notebook (Math)

·         Jump Drive/USB Flash Drive (4GB or larger – Computer)

·         Loose Leaf Notebook Paper (at least 3 packs)*

·         Pencils – either wooden or mechanical (at least 3 packs, but recommend more)*

·         Colored Pencils

·         1 pack of Highlighters

·         (2) packs of black dry erase markers (Student use in Math & ELA)


Wish List Items (Optional)

·         Zipper pouch to help keep up with all supplies (pouch with 3 holes to place in Trapper Keeper or binder is recommended)

·         Student Planner (Planners are not provided in Middle School)

·         (5) Large Boxes of Tissue (Homeroom)

·         (1) Large containers of sanitizing wipes (Homeroom)

·         Paper Towels (Homeroom)

·         Bag of Cough Drops (Nurse)



*Supplies will need to be restocked throughout the year

(ex: paper, pencils, and highlighters)


2016-2017 7th Grade Supply List

5 1” Three-Ring Binders (Math, History, Science, History, and ELA)

1 STURDY 1 subject spiral Notebook - preferably MEAD or FiveStar (Math)

2 Composition Notebooks (2 for Science)

1 pack of Sheet Protectors (50 pack) (ELA)

1 folder with pockets (History)

Loose-Leaf Paper

#2 Lead Pencils (24 Count)

3 packs of dividers (History, Math, and ELA)

Black and Blue Ink Pens

Colored Pencils

2 Highlighters

2 Sets of Spiral Bound Index Cards (Math and History)

1 (4GB or larger) USB Flash Drive for Student Use

2 Expo Markers

2 large glue sticks

1 hand-held pencil sharpener


1 Large Box Kleenex

1 Large Bottle Hand Sanitizer

1 Bag Peppermints

1 Bag of 3 oz. or 5 oz. cups (Nurse)

**These supplies need to be replenished as necessary throughout the year!** 


2016-2017 8th Grade Supply List

3 1” Three-Ring Binders (Math, Science, History)

2 STURDY 1 subject spiral notebook - preferably MEAD or FiveStar (Math and English)

2 composition notebooks (Science)

1 folder with pockets (History)

Loose-Leaf Paper

2 packs of dividers (History and Math)

#2 Lead Pencils (24 Count)

Black and Blue Ink Pens

Colored Pencils

2 Highlighters

2 Sets of Spiral Bound Index Cards (Math, History)

1 (4GB or larger) USB Flash Drive for Student Use

3 Expo Markers

2 large glue Sticks

1 hand-held pencil sharpener

1 box Clorox wipes


1 Large Box Kleenex

1 Large Bottle Hand Sanitizer

1 Bag Peppermints

1 Roll Paper Towels (Nurse)

**These supplies need to be replenished as necessary throughout the year!**



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