Mrs.  Clare  Mathis
3rd Grade
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 For the week of April 21, 2014 

Math:  We will begin a review of all skills learned this year. Students need to practice the multiplication facts of 0 - 9 at home each night.  Students will be assessed each week on ALL multiplication facts. 

Reading: We will review skills learned from this year.

Language: We will continue working with parts of speech and genre characteristics and subject/predicate, and plural nouns.

Science:  We will continue learning about different types of matter. 

Social Studies:  We will continue social studies with our Scholastic News and Time For Kids magazines. 


Students have written in their planners for each night of the week what they need to study for the quiz the next day.

  • Read 20 minutes each night
  • Practice Multiplication Facts 0 - 10 each night for 10 minutes



Planners: Please make sure you are checking the planner each night.  Students need to read aloud to an adult for at least 20 minutes each night, the student will write the title of the book and the time and then you sign below.

Tuesday Folders: Tuesday folders contain student work, notes, math homework, and the Behavior Responibility form.  Please check the folder with your student each Tuesday and make sure it's returned by Friday with the necessary signatures and any papers that need to be returned.

Spelling City:  Students can practice their spelling words on Spelling City.  Students should complete 2 ixl assignments at home each week.