Jennifer Turpen, Principal




Our Mission:

"Our mission is to provide all students with the skills needed for a lifetime of learning, economic success, and good citizenship."


        This compact is a voluntary agreement and a promise of commitment to help promote your child's progress and success in school.     We at South Lincoln School believe this agreement can be fulfilled through our effort as a team.


I, as a student of South Lincoln School agree to:


  • cometo school ready to learn.
  • arriveto class on time.
  • completeassignments carefully and completely.
  • followschool and class rules.
  • believethat I can learn and will learn.


I, as a parent/guardian of a South Lincoln student agree to:


  • providea quiet, well-lit place for my child to study.
  • readto my child, and let my child see me read.
  • establisha time for homework and review it regularly.
  • encouragemy child's efforts.
  • monitor my child's progress in school, attend school functions
  • parent-teacherconferences, and volunteer when I can.


I, as a teacher, and we, as school leaders, agree to:


  • providerigorous and engaging lessons daily.
  • providea safe and orderly learning environment.
  • provideevery student with multiple opportunities to learn.
  • maintainongoing communication with parents, teachers, and students.
  • respectstudents' and parents' unique qualities.


Please sign below to show you agree with the compact. Thank you.


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